Teen Patti Regal APK – Download | Signup Bonus Rs-100

Teen Patti Regal APK Download, 3 Patti Regal, Rummy Regal – If you are looking for a new Teen Patti game application to play Teen Patti game. The search is over when you read this article. We will provide you with information regarding a brand newly released Teen Patti game application launched in the market. This is a chance for all you players. You can steal any amount you’d like to steal using this app.

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You are welcome to join us, in this loot application you will receive an amount of Rs 100 as a sign-up bonus. Additionally, you will also get the option of a minimum of 100 of cash to withdraw here. In addition, you can avail of great benefits such as Daily Bonuses Weekly Bonuses, and Monthly Bonus Cashback Offers On site, you can receive free cashback by doing everyday actions.

We’ll briefly present to you all the details regarding the Teen Patti Regal APK the Teen Patti Regal APK the Teen Patti Regal App Pat Teens, Patti Regal App in this article.

About Teen Patti Regal Apk

Teen Patti Regal APK is an all-new Teen Patti game application. It was recently released in the marketplace. With this Teen Patti game application, there is the chance to play card games that are a part of every type of Teen Patti game. You can have the chance to earn between  20000 to 30000 every month, by participating in the Teen Patti game. In addition, you can earn cash by joining the ing friends in this app.

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How to Download the Teen

Before downloading the application it is necessary to visit your games section on the phone and enable the Unmown Source option.

  1. Click the “Download Now!” button to download here.
  2. The applicant will take you to the official site of the application.
  3. You will then see the official download link of this application on this site.
  4. Now, you can download the application by clicking the Download button below.

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How To Register in The Teen Patti Regal App

The main benefit of this app is that, if you sign up your account for with us you will receive an instant bonus of Rs100. You can try the game without cost by using this bonus of Rs100 and also earn thousands of rupees in real cash.

  1. Download the app to sign up for an account.
  2. You must enter the mobile phone number as well as the password. Then the t OTP. OTP button.
  3. An OTP will be sent to your mobile phone other than that you have provided to confirm your OTP.
  4. You can also log in via the Facebook account you have created. The Facebook account is here.
  5. Once your account is set up, the account you have created will get paid the Rs 100 signup bonus immediately.

Available Game In Teen Patti Regal

You can choose from the kinds of games that are associated with Teen Patti games andwithummy games to play in this app. It is possible to play every game based on your ability here. Additionally, you can make thousands of rupees worth of real money.

Patti, a teenager Patti


Andar Andar Bahar

TP Joker

TP War

Texas Cowboy


Short Card TP

How to Add Money In Teen Patti Regal

The most notable feature of the 3Patti Regal App is the fact you can make a minimum payment of Rs 100. And you can avail of cashback offers ranging from 2% to 20% when you aof dd payments separately. follow the steps below to include payment.

  1. Select the “Add Money option.
  2. The new page will be opened in front of you and you’ll see choices to add various payment options ranging from Rs100 up to Rs100000.
  3. Now you can make payments according to the pocket here.
  4. You can add ur mobile number’s name as well as your email address to complete your KYC.
  5. Now you can pay using Paytm and phone Pe, Google Pay, or UPI ID debit credit card here.

How To Withdraw Money In Teen Patti Regal

Within Regal Patti Regal APK, you can avail the opportunity to withdraw a minimum of 100 dollars to the business. When you earn $100 by playing this game then you can make your cash withdrawal. Follow the steps below to complete your payment withdrawal.

  1. On the homepage on the home page, payment is the Payment Vettel option that you can click.
  2. Decide now how much money Vettel like to withdraw here Fill in the amount in the space.
  3. In this section, you must enter the information about the account at your bank in which you would like to make a payment.
  4. After entering bank account information, You can then withdraw the money using the button that says Withdraw.
  5. So, you can withdraw your money in an extremely simple manner.

Teen Patti Regal App

Guys, if you aren’t aware of the details about the Teen Patti game and rummy game. You’re a novice user, and you’re looking to make money through the Teen Patti game application. Don’t worry about it. We will now inform you about two methods to earn cash using the Teen Patti game application through this article. This will allow you to earn a decent income each month.

Play Game and Earn money There are a lot of cards that are related to the Teen Patti game and the Rummy game in this application. You can earn money by engaging in this Teen Patti game application. This application offers an inside-out game. If you’re not sure about the Teen Patti game and our game, then you can earn significant real cash each day by playing the inside-out game.

It’s very simple to play this game both inside and outside. The only thing you need to do is to guess whether the card will be opened on the inside or outside. When your prediction is correct, then you are the winner. In addition, you will get twice the money you have put into play.

Refer and earn You can earn an incentive program for referrals in this app. Earn money by marketing this application. All you need to do is share your referral link with friends and invite your friends to join the application. You’ll earn a percentage per person if a lot of users join the application using your referral link. It is possible to earn income ranging between Rs10000 and Rs10000 each month with ease here.

Invite Friends and Earn Cash in the Teen Patti Regal

Friends, you will earn an immediate commission of Rs 270 to join three referrals that are successful in this program. Following this, every time you refer a friend, you’ll receive a Rs 100 percent commission for each referral. Additionally when the person who was referred to by you participates in the game and you add money to his/her account. You will continue to receive a 30% commission on the amount charged in that game, and also the tax included in the same amount for some time.

friends, in the same way, you can earn maximum commissions by easily joining more many people. You must copy your referral link, then share it via Facebook Messenger, Twitter and Instagram. To join the other users in this app in less time, and make more money.

VIP Bonus 3 Patti Regal

You can avail of the VIP bonuses in the application. In this application, you can enjoy free rewards ranging from 1 rupee to 1,000 every day, by using the VIP bonuses. If you are looking to earn a daily bonus signing-in bonus weekly and monthly bonus here, then you need to first recharge the amount of Rs1000 in the bank account. Once you have charged 1000 rupees to your bank account, you will be able to claim your daily Sign-In Bonus Weekly bonus as well as a monthly bonus.

You can choose from a variety of plans for bonuses for VIPs in the application. There are a variety of benefits available for different plans. You can choose from a variety of plans with VIP bonus features when you recharge between Rs1000 and 200000 rupees. In this plan, you can avail of various advantages in various plans.

The Teen Patti Customer Care Phone Number

There is a Customer Support Facility in this application. If you encounter any type of issue in the application, you can speak to an individual customer service rep via live chat. Customer service representatives can be reached from 6:45 am until 7:00 pm.

Note Note: I want to remind the users that this game has financial risks. It is possible to get addicted to this game if have more than 18 years of age and play the game. If you are not, you must be careful about playing this game.


Dear readers, in this post, we’ve provided information about Teen Patti’s Regal App. download Teen Patti’s Patti’s APK Install Teen Patti’s Regal app, Teen Patti’s Regal Application. If you are looking to earn money engaging in the Teen Patti game. Therefore, download the application to your mobile. Earn money now.

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