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Sir Rummy Apk, Rummy Sir, Sir Rummy Download, Teen Patti Sir, Rummy Sir Apk: Hello Friends! Do you enjoy gaming on your mobile device? This article will be helpful for those who love gaming. We are going to talk about the brand new Sir Rummy APK in our article.

Alongside your love of playing games and earning money, you can earn online through playing games. Numerous smartphone users have downloaded the Sir Rummy APK to their smartphones and earn thousands of rupees each day playing the Game Here. You can enjoy amazing features such as the Rs21 signup bonus and cashback bonus, rebate Bonus First Recharge Offer Referrals Commission, and VIP Bonus feature in this application which allows you to earn millions of rupees per month.

 You must download this application to your smartphone. The other information regarding this application is provided below.

About Sir Rummy APK

Sir Rummy APK is a Teen Patti Android Game Application. The application was released on July 18, 2022, on the official website of Teen Patti. Today, Sir Rummy APK is downloaded by millions of users. The app also boasts a score of 4.2.

Sir Rummy APK is a great alternative to earning money online. Some games related to Teen Patti, Rummy, Ludo, Cricket, Andar Bahar, and a lot more. You can play using money. The money can also win.

In simple terms in simple words, Simply put, Sir Rummy APK is a great Game Application. It is available for download by clicking the link provided below on our website. Let us know!

Feature Of Sir Rummy APK, Benefit of Rummy Sir

Sir Rummy APK is an excellent app for gaming. Learn more in the following. In Sir Rummy, you can play a game online. People like you are here to play. You can earn cash.

Refer and Earn SirRummy APK gives you the option in Refer and Earn. You can earn money simply by sharing this app with your buddies. This additional feature to earn money with this app is very beneficial.

In the Fast Cash Withdrawal feature of Sir Rummy APK, you will quickly win money online by participating in your Game and the money you win will be transferred into your bank account through the option of cash withdrawal.

Multiple Gaming: There are many different games to play with Teen Patti game rummy poker games. You can play the Ludo game and cricket here. You can play multiple games within one application.

Play the game with real People You can participate in the Teen Patti game rummy game with real players in this application. Many thousands of players are on the internet all day long to participate in Teen Patti games and rummy games on this application. Play an online Teen Patti game rummy game with real players anytime here.

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Available Many Games In Sir Rummy APK

With the Sir Rummy APK, you can participate in more games. The games are then discarded.

Dragon vs Tiger Best of Five
Teen Patti PUBG
Car Roulette Ace War
7 Up Down Black Jack
roulette 10 Cards
Deep Sea Awakening Red vs Black
Rummy Fruit
Baccarat Matka
Zoo Roulette WarCraft Roulette
Teen Patti 20-20 Andar Bahar


How To Download In Sir Rummy APK

Do your friends talk now about the best way to download Sir Rummy APK? Let me assure you that downloading this application is very simple. It can be downloaded in just only one click from Teen Patti’s website. Teen Patti website.

Below, we have provided the Sir Rummy APK Download link to our site. After clicking on it, you can download it onto your Mobile.

How To Sign Up In Sir Rummy APK 

The best thing concerning Sir Rummy APK is that it offers its users an initial Bonus of Rs 21 upon the first day of signing up. You can avail of it using the procedure in the following.

Step 1 – Click  Register button.

Step 2: Log in  on your mobile &  click Register.

Step 3- Receive  OTP on mobile & enter OTP

Step4 – Now Click on Submit Button. Once you have done this, your registration is completed. You will also receive an amount of bonus.

How To Add Money In Sir Rummy APK

For playing the game on Sir Rummy APK You need to make a payment. To add a payment, follow the next step below –

Step 1: First, you must open Sir Rummy APK.

Step 2 – You must click Add Money.

Step3 – Enter UPI ID (Phone Pe, Google Pay, Paytm) and UPI Pin.

Step 4: Now, click on the option to Add Money. After that, you will see the money added. After you’ve added your payment, you’ll be able to play any game that is available within this application.

How To Cash Withdraw Sir Rummy APK

The greatest feature that Sir Rummy APK is the ability to take out as many as Rs100 engaging in the game. The money you withdraw within 24 hours using this application will go to your bank accounts. Follow the steps listed below to withdraw Sir Rummy APK Cash.

Step 1: For transfer money  open the Apk

Step 2: Click on  withdrawal Botton.

Step 3 – Enter Bank Account Number & your IFSC Code.

Step 5: Enter  amount .

Step 6 – Click on  withdrawal button . The money will be deposited into your bank account within 24 hours.

Refer and Earn for Rummy Sir Game

If you are not looking to earn money through playing games on this app. There is a Refer And Earn Program option here. Earn anywhere from up to Rs 2000 per month through promoting this app by using these features. You earn 11 Rs Commission to join the first person here. After that, 2 members receive Rs21 Commission upon joining. Then, you receive Rs31 Commission to join 3 members. You can earn money by joining more members on this site.

 This is 30% of the amount that is charged for playing the game, and the tax that is charged on that game. Copy the referral link and post it on a large social media website such as Facebook Instagram or Twitter Instagram. The advantage of this would be the possibility of joining more people on this platform in less time and earning more money and more. Rummy Sir Facebook, Rummy Sir Telegram, Si Rummy YouTube.

VIP Bonus feature in Sir Summy

As a VIP member, you will receive hundreds of rupees in free bonuses each month. Additionally, however, you can also participate in the game using the free bonuses you can get here and earn thousands of rupees each month taking part in this game. If you’d like to receive a bonus, make sure you should recharge your account to at least Rs500 before activating the VIP account. Once your VIP membership account has been active, you can apply the In Bonus, the Sign In Bonus weekly bonus, the monthly bonus, as well as the level bonus.

Daily Bonus ( Higher VIP and Get Greater Bonus)

There are daily bonus features to earn a free reward within this application. You can get a free bonus simply by checking out the daily bonus feature here over seven days. Make sure you activate your most member account for VIP membership if are looking to avail the maximum amount of free bonus offers possible. The more often your VIP membership is activated the more bonuses you will be able to get from this site.

The cashback Bonus feature in Sir Rummy

Every participant is awarded a cashback reward to compensate for the loss. This is cashback in proportion to the amount you lose when playing the game each day. Here you get different cashback bonuses at different amounts. You can avail of a cashback reward ranging from Rs500-R100000, with a minimum loss of up to Rs891. The bonus is automatically added to your account every day at 3 pm.

Game Reward Bonuses on Sir Rummy

Friends, the most significant feature of this application is that it comes with a remarkable feature. In these options, you can earn an incentive to earn cashback depending on the number of games you play daily. If you play games that range from Rs500-R200000 and you earn an amount of cashback equal to 0.01 percent here. In addition, if you play over two lakh games, you will receive an additional cashback of 0.02 percent. This bonus is added to your automated account.

First Deposit Promotion Bonus Sir Rummy App

 This application gives you the option of making three-dollar deposits. You will receive the opportunity to earn a bonus as long as 10 days after you make a deposit. If you deposit Rs101 to your account, you will receive 10 rupees per day for the following day. If you charge Rs301 to your account, you receive an extra Rs10 each day over the next two days. If you also recharge Rs501 into your bank account, then you will receive a daily Rs10 for the following 3 days.

Earn Money by inviting friends

Joining 20 people gets Rs 391 Commission. If you are one of the 40 members, you will receive a targeted Commission of Rs 791. The same applies to the 100th person who gets the commission of Rs2001. If you join the next 200 receive payment of Rs 4001.

Customer Support is available in Sir Rummy

The application is supported in full by the company to prevent any problems with this application. You can contact the person who handles customer service directly by using the customer support feature here. Any issue you encounter will be resolved through the firm.

Note: that this game is a risk of financial loss. It is possible to become addicted to the game. This is why you are required to play the game under your responsibility and at your own risk.

Question: How can I earn an in-game bonus?

Answer: You get an in-game reward for different games

Question: How do I get an account with the bank?

Answer: To ensure that the money you withdraw is deposited into your account at the bank, you have to enter the correct bank information that will be checked via Sir Rummy App.

Question: What is your daily limit on withdrawals?

The answer: It is the number of withdrawal requests you can submit within a single day. The daily limit for withdrawal is reset every night at 00:00 am.

Question : Can I add money to Rummy Sir’s bank account?

Answer: Yes, it is safe to add cash into the Rummy Sir Wallet. By industry standards, we’re PCI certified.


If you’re a gamer and would like to earn between 25000 to the sum of 30000 rupees per month at home playing games I would suggest you download Sir Rummy APK on your phone. We’ve also provided all the information regarding this application to you earlier. We want to make sure that you don’t have difficulties installing  this application.If you’re having problems downloading the application, or any other issues or other issues, please contact us via a post. We’ll help you to solve the issue by reaching us.