The Privacy Policy is designed to explain how Loot Real deals with User personal information when the User uses any Loot Real’
game or service. We are committed to protecting User privacy. We will never sell or otherwise pass on User privacy
information to a third party without User consent besides when it is required to provide User the service User
is using. Loot Real is required to use the personal data of all the Users in accordance with the applicable laws of the
land where the games are being played by the Users.

What We Collect

When the User uses any Loot Real game or service, the User is authorizing Loot Real to access certain information of the User.
The information we collect is to provide and improve our services and to fulfill the User requirements. In each case,
we will collect, store, and use the information User has provided according to this Privacy Policy. This includes
User name, profile picture, gender, networks, user IDs, list of friends, date of birth, email address, and any
other information User has set to public on User Facebook.

When a User uses any Loot Real game or service through a social network account such as Facebook, Apple, etc.
The user is authorizing us to access certain information from the User profile for that site according to the privacy
settings established at the SNS by the User and User friends such as User name, address, phone number, etc.
which the SNS could provide to us through the SNS Application Programming Interface (“API”).

When the User uses any Loot Real game or service directly we may collect and store User information such as registration

When the User uses any Loot Real game or service directly we may collect and store User information such as registration data, email address, and any other information that the User has provided on the User profile.

When the User accesses any Loot Real game on a Mobile Device we may collect the User device and carrier information such as MAC Address, IP Address, geo-location, telephone number, the account information Users have associated with their device, country, or other information the Users provide.

If the User purchases a license to use in-game virtual items directly from any Loot Real game, we will collect the billing and financial information necessary to process User charges, which may include User postal and e-mail addresses. Loot Real may also receive the billing and payment information that the User provides when the User purchase order is processed by another party, such as Facebook (for Facebook Credits) or Apple (for purchases on iOS devices). Our terms of service explain our policies and terms relevant to our charges and billing practices. Please note that purchases of third-party credits or currencies like Facebook Credits may also be subject to additional policies. We do not store the credit card information.

When the User uses any Loot Real game or service, we collect certain technical information in order to
(1) analyzethe usage of our sites and services(2) provide a more personalized experience; and(3) manage advertising.We and service providers acting on our behalf, use Log Files and tracking technologies to collect and analyze certain types of technical information, including cookies, IP addresses, device type, device identifiers, browser types, browser language, referring and exit pages, and URLs, platform type, the number of clicks, domain names, landing pages, pages viewed and the order of those pages, the amount of time spent on particular pages, game state and the date and time of activity on our websites or games, and other similar information. In some cases, we will associate this information with a User ID number for our internal use.

We collect the following categories of your personal information and may sell it to third parties: identifiers, commercial information, internet or other electronic network activity information, geolocation data, and inferences drawn from these categories.


Only Loot Real has the right to the information. We will never sell or otherwise pass on User privacy information to a third

A party without User consent. We may use the information to notify Users of important announcements regarding ours.

Software developments, software upgrades, and special offers, to solicit User feedback and input and to provide User

The application/software support. If the User does not want to receive any announcements from us, the User may manage notifications

From User app. Users can also ask to be excluded from such announcements by sending us an email to this effect. In addition, we may use User Information in a form that is not personally identifiable to help us in analyzing various aspects of user behavior for the purpose of improving our services.

Controlling User Personal Information

Users can terminate the User account at any time which will remove the User profile and other personal information from view. However, some information may be necessary for providing users with our services and support. In that event, we may not be able to provide the User with one or more of our services that the User is using.

In Loot Real social games, we do not delete past game results or records even if the User deletes the application from User’s phone or does not join again. Loot Real will take reasonable steps to protect User personal information from loss, misuse, unauthorized access, disclosure, or unauthorized alteration. By downloading any Loot Real software or creating an account or accessing or using the service User accepts and agrees to be bound by these terms of service.

Exceptions to Restriction in Disclosure of Information or Account Information

User understands and agrees that we may be required to disclose any Information or Account Information by a competent legal authority or that we may voluntarily choose to disclose any such Information or Account Information under a reasonable belief that this is necessary for any lawful purpose. We will be under no legal obligation to either inform the User about the presence of such request or contest such a request for Information or Account Information whatsoever.

The User understands and accepts that downloading the game of Loot Real is the action of the User on his/her own consent, and they shall assume responsibility for system damage, data loss, and any other risks. Loot Real and its affiliates assume no responsibility for any direct, indirect, incidental, special, or consequential damages and risks arising from using or failing to use the Loot Real game under any circumstances.


Subject to User compliance with terms of service, Loot Real grants Users a revocable, non-exclusive limited license to access and use the services. This license is non-transferable. User agrees to use the service for User’s own non-commercial purposes. Users play some Loot Real social games to win chips. Users do not play with real money. The chips the User lose or win have no value in real money. At times Users may buy or purchase virtual in-game items. These virtual items do not refer to any credit balance of real currency or its equivalent. Loot Real reserves the right to terminate the license of any user without giving any reason. If Loot Real believes that a user has acquired chips from unauthorized sources and from sources that violate the terms of the service, it has the right to take away all or a part of the total chips from the user.

The Users agree and acknowledge that the right, title, and interest over the intellectual property rights of the game and related software shall be solely owned by Loot Real. If the User involves with any infringement act, Loot Real has the right to terminate the services of the User and take appropriate actions under the applicable laws for infringement of such intellectual property rights of Loot Real.

Downloading the game by Loot Real is free. Loot Real gives Users free chips, to begin with, and regularly. This gives users limited licenses to play our games. If the User does not lose all User free chips, the User can play games for an unlimited period. If the User loses User-free chips, the User can not play anymore. However, Users have the option to buy chips and join the game. Remember that the chips User buy and win have no value in the real currency. These chips are not transferable and we do not offer refunds.

By accepting to use the application, the User fully understands and agrees that the User can lose chips because of many reasons beside lose the game. Some of the reasons are client data connection, Internet connection, improper behavior of the client, Loot Real server problem, the sudden increase in traffic, someone else using a User account or User account being hacked, and many more.

Loot Real is not liable for any loss of chips due to functioning as well as malfunctioning of its servers and software. Winning or not chiefly depends upon the random cards Users get. When User download issued games by Loot Real, Users accept and agree to play them only for fun and entertainment and Loot Real is not liable for any damage or loss or what so ever.


Failure to follow restrictions or terms of service can get the User account suspended, hacked, or permanently banned. Please read the following restrictions which apply to use of the service:

We recommend that adults over the age of 18 use the App, and those under the age of 18 are prohibited from using it.

User shall use User account only for non-commercial entertainment purposes. Users shall not use the service for any other purpose, such as collecting chips from various accounts or by any other means.

The user shall not use the User account for any illegal activity.

User shall not use the User account to transmit repetitive messages (spam), junk e-mail, advertise or solicit.

Users shall not use profanity or language that discriminates or maliciously targets another individual in any way. This includes the User profile picture.

The user shall not use the User account to cheat or hack the game by any means. Losing on purpose as a means of transferring chips can be tracked easily, and this behavior will have User chips taken and banned.

User shall not sublicense, lease, trade, gift, sell or otherwise transfer User account or associated virtual items partly or fully to anyone without written permission from Loot Real.

Users shall not buy or get chips, bonuses, es, and any other virtual items from any unauthorized source such as links from unknown sources or people promising free chips, etc.

Users are allowed one account per social network to use the service. In addition, Users cannot use multiple accounts to try to accumulate free chips. This behavior is easily detectable and will result in all User accounts being suspended and/or banned.

Users shall not use scripts and manual processes to abusively accumulate free chips.

Users shall not use any of the services or create an account or use an account if Users have been removed or banned from using the service.

Users shall not use any of the Loot Real game or service if Users do not agree with the terms of service and the User license to use the service shall immediately terminate.

The User has no right to carry out actions including but not limited to:

Deleting all the information and contents related to the copyright on Loot Real software and other copies.

Performing reverse engineering, reverse assembly, reverse compilation, etc., to the game of Loot Real, regardless of any purpose of plagiarizing or changing the game software of Loot Real.

For information related to the software of game of the Loot Real (without the written consent of Loot Real) the user cannot (without authorization including but not limited to) use, copy, modify, link, reprint, assemble, release, publish, set up a mirror site, or use Loot Real game for these purposes without authorization to develop derivative products, works or services related to the software.

The User is not allowed to host, post, display, upload, modify, copy, transmit, publish, update, share, or store the following information using the Loot Real game:

Information in violation of any law and regulation, department regulation, or local applicable law.

Endangering national security, disclosing state secrets, subverting state power, and undermining state unification.

Damaging national honor and interests.

Instigating ethnic hatred, ethnic discrimination, and undermining ethnic unity.

Destroying religious policies of the State, promoting malevolent cults and arcane superstitions.

Insulting or slandering others and infringing on the lawful rights and interests of others.

Infringing on the intellectual property rights, trade secrets, or other legal rights of others.

Information that harms the minor in any manner.

Information that deceives or misleads the addressee about the origin of such messages or communicates any information which is grossly offensive or menacing in nature.

Information that contains software viruses or any other computer code, files, or programs designed to interrupt, destroy or limit the functionality of any computer resource.

Information that threatens the unity, integrity, defense, security, or sovereignty of counties where the games are played by the User, friendly relations with foreign states, or public order or causes incitement to the commission of any cognizable offense or prevents investigation of any offense or is insulting any other nation.

Loot Real reserves the right to terminate the license of any user.

Governing Law and Jurisdiction:

If any provision set forth in this Privacy Policy is held invalid, in part or in whole, it shall not prejudice the validity of the remaining provisions of this Privacy Policy.

The validity, performance, interpretation, and dispute settlement of this Privacy Policy and any non-contractual obligations arising out of or in connection with it shall be governed by the laws of the countries where the games are being played by the Users.

Any dispute arising out of the content or enforcement of this Privacy Policy shall first be settled by the concerned parties through friendly consultation. If the aforesaid dispute cannot be resolved by the parties within 30 (thirty) days of the such dispute arising, then the dispute shall be resolved by way of arbitration pursuant to the provisions of the applicable laws of the host country where the games are being played.

he seat and venue of the arbitration shall be at the place where the registered office of Loot Real is situated. Subject to aforesaid arbitration provisions, either party may initiate a lawsuit over the such dispute in the relevant Court with jurisdiction at the place where the registered office of Loot Real is situated.


The terms of this service govern the relationship between the User and Loot Real regarding the User’s use of any Loot Real game or service, Privacy Policy Please read this Privacy Policy carefully, and if the User has any questions, feel free to contact Loot Real. Loot Real reserves the right to edit these terms of service and policies at any time. We hope that the User can peruse the changes periodically. The User is required to review and accept or don’t accept this Privacy Policy (minors i.e. User below the age of 18 years, shall review and perform this Privacy Policy accompanied by a legal guardian if the minor exercises and performs the rights and obligations under this Privacy Policy, it shall be deemed that the minor has obtained the approval of the legal guardian). Unless the User accepts the terms of this Privacy Policy, the User is not entitled to use the relevant products and services under this Privacy Policy. The User registration and use shall be deemed that the User has accepted this Privacy Policy and agreed to be bound by the terms of this Privacy Policy.

Suggestions or comments

All Suggestions or comments relating to personal data must be sent to